Every handbag in Yali’s Carry On®­­ collection embodies how I choose to lead my life: with vibrant elegance, vast purpose, and a meaningful voice for the cancer experience.

This tote bag is adorned by a peacock, a dazzling bird that replaces its feathers annually, a bird that is a symbol of renewal and new beginnings, and whose feathers are said to be protective and lucky.

My peacock’s tail is comprised of paisley patterns that represent the paisley-laden bandanas that cancer patients wear during their treatment.  The 18 brilliant colors serve as a metaphor for the vibrancy of life, and the hearts crowning the peacock’s head emphasize the importance of love and support from family and friends.

Each distinct paisley pattern illustrates each individual’s unique story, and the aggregate beauty is indicative of the collective bond among survivors, family, and community that energizes the triumph over adversity.  The expansiveness of the tail expresses how every survivor’s story is wide and intricate; that story must be embraced just as the tail embraces this bag. The peacock’s tail, however, does not fully encircle the bag, reminding us that every survivor’s story, including my own, is still ongoing.


9 Responses to Yali’s Carry On – Peacock

  1. Susan Fisher says:

    I am interested in pre-rodering one or more of your peacock bags. I am, however, torn between the black and the grey. Is the picture identical on both the black and the grey background? Also does the picture wrap around and extend on both sides of the bag?

    Thak you,

    Susan Fisher

    • Yali says:

      Hi Susan,

      The gray and black…that’s a tough choice, but I’m sure you will enjoy whichever one you choose! Just a note, the gray is sophisticated, but would look great with jeans or for more a casual look. The black…is black-very classic, classy and dressy or casual. The peacock pops great on them both. The canvas is a pebbled canvas so it has great texture. it is more of a casual look, but it is so rich in color, and fun!!

      The peacock picture is identical on all three bags and the peacock’s tail wraps around to take over about 3/4 of the back side.

      Just some facts about why it does not wrap all the way around:
      The symbolism behind the incomplete encircling is that the survivor’s story is wide and intricate just as the the tail is wide and expansive, but the story is ongoing and incomplete, so the circle or wrapping of the tail is slightly incomplete. The wrapping of the tail around the bag symbolizes a need to embrace your story.

      Thank you so much for your interest and advocacy! Let me know if you need anything else.

      Yali D

  2. Oehme Soule says:

    Hi Yali,

    In love with life, that’s what you are! Actually, I learned about your great new carry-on last night at one of the LIFE (Living in the Future) cancer survivorship seminars at Evanston Hospital. I feel intertwined with you for life, just like all those paisley swirls on the bag!

    So, I want to get a bag for each of my sisters and sisters-in-law! Oh, and my mom. And my best friend who’s recovering from colon cancer. Hope you made enough!

    Is there somewhere on your website that will tell me the dimensions?
    All the best to you at school this year, Yali; you’re gonna be such a great nurse!

    Oehme Soule, RD, LDN

  3. Yali says:


    Thank you so much for your support and advocacy! I am so happy to hear that you like the bag and that you have important people in your life to give them too!

    As far as dimensions are concerned, the size of the bag is 50cm X 30cm (about 19.7 in X 11.8 in) and the depth is 20 cm (about 7.9 in).

    Just an important note: the bags are collapsible, but also weighted to hold a computer and a notebook comfortably!! Very functional!

    Hope this is what you were looking for!!!

    All my Best,
    Yali D

  4. Anita says:

    I saw your poster at Children’s Memorial today. We have a baby in the NICU that was born at 31 weeks an just reach his 2 week birthday this week (33 weeks). He is recovering from kidney surgery and unfortunately just took two steps back ast night….. love the look of your bags and the meaning behind them and feel that it not only symbolizes cancer survivor but so many other illnesses people are battling too. Since I spend most of my time at Children’s I was wondering if I could order a black bag and have it shipped to my home?

    • Yali says:

      You can call the number for the Chicago Saks after March 6th and ask them to ship you a bag. The number is on the picture/advertisement for the new bag on the opening screen of the website.

      I am so happy that the bag fulfilled its job and spoke to you regrading carrying on in the face of adversity. Keep doing the wonderful things you do!

      All my best,

  5. Laura Carney says:

    Hi Yali,

    I work at Penn and soon as I read your artical in the DP I had to search the web to find out where to buy your bag.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to meet you on campus to see the 3 peacok bags in person?

    I work with a couple of women who are interested, but we are undecided on the color bag we want.

    I understand if you are busy, but thought I would at least ask.

    Please email me at my penn account if this would be possible.

    I will be buying a bag either way!

    Thank You! Laura

  6. Tracy Vicere says:

    Hi Yali! Congrats on the 11 years! I am a Cancer survivor also, will be 21 years in July. I love your bags! Last July I started a non-profit charity, Friends and Angels: The Tracy Vicere Foundation to help children and survivors at the hospital that saved my life. We are very fortunate to be here today and giving back to those who helped us. I would love to purchase a bag.
    You are doing such wonderful things! Keep up the good work.

  7. Robbie says:

    Hi Yali!

    I was flipping through my May issue of Glamour magazine, and your vibrant carry-on immediately caught my eye! I would have purchased the carry-on for its perfect size, beautiful colors and intricate design, but after reading your heartwarming story and learning that you are attending my alma mater (C’89 – Go Quakers!), I couldn’t get to my computer fast enough! You are an artist and an inspiration. Best wishes in all your future endeavors!