• This bag is the second of my trademarked collection called Yali’s Carry On™, to signify how cancer survivors carry on even in the face of their medical baggage.
  • This bag uses the contrast of light and dark, much like the first bag designed with Kate Spade and Co. There is a black, paisley-like design in the background that represents the dark elements of going through illness. The paisley pattern is reminiscent of the bandanas most cancer patients wear when they lose their hair due to the effects of prolonged and intensive treatments. On this pink tote, the black paisley pattern is in the background to show that cancer is always a part of me and has shaped my identity, but it is not the only characteristic that defines me.
  • The bright and colorful hummingbird design is the element that overpowers darkness. The brilliant colors represent the vibrancy of life; the bird symbolizes the freedom and beauty of expression.
  • The wings of the bird are created by hand prints. This bag recognizes the beauty and vibrancy of even a child’s first and simplest design—the handprint. These handprints are a symbol of the children the proceeds of this bag are going to help. The proceeds of this bag go to KIDSS for Kids, an organization that supports creative-arts playrooms at Children’s Memorial Hospital so kids can combat illness and carry on with creativity.
  • Handprints are also unique to each individual and a symbol of identity. These prints remind us of our unique abilities to overcome challenges, and be active in our fate.

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    I love you.