• My trademarked collection is called Yali’s Carry On™, to signify how cancer survivors carry on even in the face of their medical baggage.
  • The black bag shows there is a dark side of going through illness.
  • There is a patent leather trim to show that cancer survivor’s need to have elegance in telling their story, relaying their message and in carrying on with their lives.
  • There is a subtle paisley embossed pattern on the outside of the bag. The paisley pattern is reminiscent of the bandanas that most cancer patients wear when they lose their hair due to the effects of prolonged and intensive treatments. The pattern is subtle to show that cancer is always a part of me and has shaped my identity, but it is not the only characteristic that makes defines me.
  • The subtlety of the pattern is also a symbol of survivorship in that not everyone knows I am a survivor as I Carry On into the future. Now, at this point in my life, it is my choice as to whether I divulge my life’s history.
  • The bright pink paisley inside of the bag is a message to all cancer survivors that harnessing creativity, individuality, brightness, and positivity within, leads to healing of the soul.
  • This bag is the autobiographical voice of my cancer experience and what I hope for others like me as well.

NOTE: The Kate Spade Yali bag was a limited edition bag that is no longer available for purchase.


2 Responses to Kate Spade Yali Bag

  1. Sandra Emmel says:

    I love and share the symbolism in the Kate Spade Yali bag. I am a cancer survivor and I’m impressed that such a young woman shares my view of the dark and light sides of being a cancer survivor!
    I’ve ordered my carry on, but wonder if it’s possible to purchase the Kate Spade bag?
    Thank you so much!
    keep designing for such a good cause….

    • Yali says:

      Thanks for sharing your comments on the Yali’s Carry On bag and your warm wishes!
      Unfortunately, the Kate Spade Yali bag was a limited edition style that is no longer available.
      Trust me, though, you will LOVE the newest design!
      I hope you enjoy your bag, and don’t forget to carry on!